The Fourth Generation

The 4G/5Generation

This year has not been memorable for a lot of people, and most probably,  was full of harrowing memories as we saw our loved ones falling to the fate of Covid-19. But what is special about this year is that it gave us enough time to realize ourselves and weigh our lives. It made us ponder on our words, thoughts, and actions. It brought everyone on the same platform and to the bottom of the bottle forcing most of us to start all over again irrespective of age, region, or religion.

 In midst of this chaos, what stayed static was the internet connection and the 4G/5G phones. These digital technologies not only became more accessible to all age groups but are also today the solitary source of “earning” & “learning”. The books, magazines, and newspapers are probably lying in some corners of our homes waiting to be torn and used as a packaging material because there are no readers left. From a toddler to an old man, life is all about trying to entertain one-self through these gadgets. 

On average, we all spend a minimum of 1/4 of our life sleeping and other 3/4th living life but the youth of today is spending a minimum of 5-6 hours of this limited time checking phones or watching Netflix. The concept of reading and writing has been long forgotten and replaced by digital books and audiobooks which do serve the purpose but only for those who are moneyed.

 The generation with wired telephones or no telephones at all were more connected and cared for each other. On the contrary, the wireless generation is all about having their own space but sharing personal life with other people in the world whom they don’t even know. The grandma now sits and waits by the window to sing stories and lullabies to her grandchildren who are too occupied in their digital world. Technology aimed to make life simple and easier for human beings but don’t you agree it is otherwise. Just keep your phones and laptops aside for a day and you will discover 86400 seconds in a day and in your life which are much more worth than collecting accolades on Instagram.

 Human life is a gift to us so let us not waste it. Let us read, write, play, laugh, live with our loved ones, our roots. Climate change is surely a threat but a bigger threat is us not spending time with each other and wasting & wiling away this precious time on digital devices. We were lucky to get wings that our ancestors never had but these wings were meant to give us the power to fly and a responsibility to come back. These days’ time is not only short but without any guarantee. We never know we may have time to say “sorry” or “thank you” to each other. Let us make most of it by living it the way it is supposed to be. Let us come out of our cocoons and build a world for which our next generation can be thankful.

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